Monday, May 07, 2007

Personal identity (3)

Can I break a world record, if it is my body that passes the line?


Grace said...

I think "I" can break the record if it works together with the body. If one consider the body as a tool that enables to achieve the goal. It's not body's accomplishment, as the body itself does not need to accomplish anything. :)

HbdW said...

Thank you for your reaction, Grace. This statement by me is an implicit criticism of Parfit and others who say that the person ("I") is only in the mind and that the body is not a part of the person. For me the body is not simply an instrument but I am the whole of my mind and body. Better: There is no "and" for body and mind are one. I have argued this more extensively in later blogs but especially in my article "Can a person break a world record" on