Monday, October 01, 2007

About thinking and writing

I do not write what I think, but I think what I write. Every philosopher knows. As Montaigne has said: "Le premier traict produict le second". When I do not write what I think, my thinking starts to move in a circle and I do not come forward. I know what I know only by writing.


Andres said...

I enjoyed reading the thoughts behind this short post of yours. Perhaps this post would be of interest to you as well:

My questions for you would be: 1) whether in writing all thinking is expressible and 2) do philosophical and artistic writing have the same depth in terms of the question of thought?

HbdW said...

Thank you for your reaction. As for your questions, I would like to say this: 1) I think not all thinking is expressible in writing. There are thoughts that are better expressed by music, by photography, by painting, or by a simple movement of my arm or leg (a way of expression known to sportsmen and sportswomen). Or maybe they can be expressed only in this way.2)I do not dare to say that one way of writing is deeper than another one. There are several ways to express the same things and they do it from different points of view.
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